Ashley George osnu
Spiritualist Medium
          01263 824161

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Working on the public platform gives me the honour of addressing many people, I have done so for a long time now. As a public speaker there is invested in me tremendous responsibility and in doing so I have respect for people who come to listen at a demonstration of mediumship.
Mediumship is where the speaker has the ability to connect with energy that was once here in the physical form. The" Spirit" of the person.
Through detailed description of character, personality, physical build, dates and names, experiences, we build a picture through mental mediumship to deliver very personal messages. From this the listener will come to appreciate that evidence is being demonstrated and the soul does exist but in another form.

Services covered

All Official Services...
                                  Funerals.......under the umbrella of the SNU, funeral services are                                                                                               religious in nature and created for a personal individual service.
                                  Weddings....created and presented just for you.

                                  Naming celebrate for any age.

                                  Blessing Ceremonies......these services are created with you both in mind. 

         Non Religious Funerals.......more and more people are asking me to conduct these                                                                                          services which of course can be undertaken

Private 1-1 Readings and 2-1 Readings

Gift Vouchers for Special Occasions

Public Demonstrations of Mediumship as


With the Fatherhood of God  as a principle of faith it is with  our individual thoughts that  we accept  your Divine presence to influence and guide us  allowing  your Brotherhood here on earth to ask for peace throughout the world.
Give us the ability  through Communion of Spirit and The Ministry   of  Angels to prove Continuous Existence of The Human Soul.
Give us the strength  to be aware of our Personal Responsibilities, 
acknowledging  through your love that it is required of us to adhere to the principle of Compensation and Retribution, Hereafter for all the  Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth, this will be addressed through our Eternal Progress. 
We accept  there is Spirit within us all. With this service here today we ask that two worlds join as one to work together in
Light, Nature and Truth.     (prayer created by Spirit within Spirit, Ashley George OSNU)

Please use the form below to make contact with me, be it for a mediumship reading
 Official Services.